Megan & Andrew | Sabot at Stony Point Wedding

If you follow us on social media, you’ve seen us share this wedding a number of times. Not only did the wedding just make our hearts burst with creativity with the help of the team that they put together. But, we just love Megan and Andrew. They are our kind of people. I have never been the type of person to think that things just happen, they don’t. We have pieces of the puzzle that come together on purpose. When we first heard from Megan and Andrew, they were inquiring for the popular date of 2023- September 23rd. We had that date booked but we were like, if you can move your date.. we’d love to work with you. And, they did. Guess what? Richmond got hit by a lovely tropical storm on 9/23/2023 and if they chose that date.. man, their outdoor wedding would of felt like swimming in soup. Like I said, I don’t think things just happen without some help from friends. (Thanks Megan’s Mom!)

We try to hold space for the people around us on weddings days because not only are these days so joy filled, they also can be grief filled as well. During the big moments in our lives, the ones we have lost, the grief can be really great. When we first heard from Megan, we learned about her wonderful Mom. She thought it was really cool to get married at a school because her Mom had been a teacher for her career. Her Mom passed away a few years ago but she gave her daughter little winks during her wedding planning process. Like the dress that Megan chose, she fell in love with it and realized the pattern was so similar to the one that her parents had on their wedding invitation. And when the threat of storms were all around the day of the wedding, as Megan walked down to her wedding ceremony, a burst of light beamed and I had tears come down my face knowing Megan’s Mom was watching out for her baby girl.

We love to work with people that totally trust us. The best photographs come from that. When our clients feel totally themselves and at ease with one another. It is nice when the wedding has gorgeous flowers, and beautiful details.. but honestly, if the day didn’t have all the fan fair, the photos would of still had become one of my favorites because of our relationship with this amazing couple.

We enjoyed capturing their day on 35 mm film, processed at The Find Lab.

Big thanks to the vendors that made it happen:

Wedding Planner: Anne Forbes of The Hive Wedding Co

Beauty: The Veil
Cake: Carytown Cupcakes

Catering: Groovin’ Gourmets

DJ: DJ Slash

Rentals: Rent-E-Quip

Florals: Vogue flowers

Venue: Sabot at Stony Point

Dress: Urbanset Bridal

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